Figuring out what to get your significant other on a special day such as your anniversary can be challenging. Anniversaries hold so much meaning and emotion for both of you that you want your gift to represent the same. At Wild Poppies, we have flowers and gifts for your anniversary milestones that’ll leave your partner feeling touched. 

It’s important to remember that each anniversary milestone has its own traditional flower and gift material attached to it as well. There's no rule to say you have to stick to tradition, but it adds a special meaning and at the very least it makes it easier to pick something out! 

Here’s our guide to buying flowers for anniversary milestones.

1st Anniversary flowers & gifts

Congratulations on your first year of married life! Carnations are the flower that mark this milestone. They represent the vows of commitment and the joy to come in the following years. Carnations symbolise your young and passionate love that’s still blooming during this honeymoon period.

1st year gift idea: Paper (books, diaries).

2nd Anniversary flowers & gifts

The second anniversary usually marks the end of the honeymoon period. This is the time for growth, bonding and creating time to support each other. For your second anniversary, the flower to gift is a lily. The lily of the valley symbolises the realness of your relationship as well as dedication to each other. It represents your powerful love going into the next stage of your relationship. At Wild Poppies, some of our popular lilies include white Casablanca lilies and market fresh pink lilies.

2nd year gift idea: Cotton (rug or blanket, tapestry).

3rd Anniversary flowers & gifts

By the time your third anniversary comes around, you’ve built some solid foundations. Sunflowers represent strength, loyalty, and warmth which makes them the perfect flower for this milestone. This flower symbolises the challenges you’ve faced together and come out standing strong, excited about what lies ahead. Our sunflower bouquet is perfect to brighten up your partner’s day on this special anniversary.

3rd year gift idea: Leather (leather-bound journal, clothing).

4th Anniversary flowers & gifts 

Your fourth anniversary marks comfort and care as you’ve both taken on your own roles in the relationship. You know each of your strengths and weaknesses and are able to step into each other’s shoes while also knowing when to give space. Hydrangeas are the flowers to choose for this milestone. It shows your appreciation and how grateful you are for having your partner by your side.

4th year gift idea: Fruit, flowers, linen or silk (bedding, clothing).

5th Anniversary flowers & gifts

At this point you may think you’ve figured each other out, but one thing that can still be difficult is finding the right anniversary gift. Daisies represent innocence and optimism about the future ahead. It symbolises that just when you think you may know everything, there are still more surprises to come. You can pick from our summer daisy gerbera’s or yellow daisy gerbera’s.

5th year gift idea: Wood (furniture, artwork).

10th Anniversary flowers & gifts

Double digits! Congratulations, you've been together for a decade. Now that calls for a big celebration! On this milestone, a yellow daffodil is the flower to give your loved one. It represents all the little things you’ve been through together and times you’ve shared in your first decade. It’ll take you down nostalgia city, making you value this relationship even more.

10th year gift idea: Tin/Aluminium (a tin of memories, new car).

15th Anniversary flowers & gifts

This is a milestone where you would have experienced all the highs, lows, good times and tough times together with your partner. That’s why roses are the flower for this milestone. It’s the flower that symbolises endless love and passion without you having to say anything. It shows that no matter what, you’re in this together and nothing can get between the love you share for each other. At Wild Poppies, we have an endless amount of rose options for you. Boxed red roses, super grade red roses and an armful of red roses are perfect for this milestone.

15th year gift idea: Crystal (glassware, cocktail evening).

20th Anniversary flowers & gifts

Two decades in, you’ve grown together, gained wisdom and experienced things you could have never imagined. The flower for this milestone is an aster which is known to represent knowledge and wisdom. They’re also known as a symbol of love and patience. It’s time to celebrate all those memories you’ve made over the years and reflect on the lessons you’ve learnt.

20th year gift idea: China (dining set, high tea lunch).

25th Anniversary flowers & gifts

Your quarter century together is a true symbol of love and devotion. You’ve seen every side of each other and potentially your growing family. Irises are the flower for this milestone representing commitment, admiration and your long lasting partnership. It symbolises the love and strength of your relationship.

25th year gift idea: Silver (jewellery, silver-service restaurant).

30th Anniversary flowers & gifts

Three decades in, the 30th anniversary brings many changes into your life. You might be changing careers, children might be moving out, or you might be planning to retire. For this anniversary milestone, you can buy lilies too. This time, it symbolises taking time to step back and looking at all that you’ve accomplished together. It acts as a reminder of your early years together when you were still working on figuring everything out to now having a relationship that’s experienced so much and still has everlasting devotion.

30th year gift idea: Pearl (jewellery, sea-side getaway).

40th Anniversary flowers & gifts

Your significant other probably means the world to you, that’s how you’ve made it four decades together. The gladioli flower comes from the Latin word gladius which means sword. This means giving someone this flower symbolises that you love the person whose receiving this flower a lot, more specifically they pierce your heart with love. It also represents strength and integrity of your relationship.

40th year gift idea: Ruby (jewellery, sunset date).

50th Anniversary flowers & gifts

Half a century, five decades, fifty years, no matter what you say words just aren’t enough to describe your love. This is the only anniversary milestone that has two different flowers to represent it. Yellow roses and violets symbolise faith, commitment, and accomplishment. They symbolise the dedication and long life of both you, and the relationship. The market fresh yellow roses from Wild Poppies are the perfect choice for this magnificent milestone.

50th year gift idea: Gold (jewellery, island holiday).

Remember that the perfect gift is always going to be unique to the individual. If you're celebrating any of these anniversaries you'll probably know whether your partner is going to enjoy one of the suggested gifts. If you're not sure you can always play it safe by taking your special someone to a jewellery store to pick something out, or to a nice restaurant to celebrate your special day. As always, flowers of any kind are sure to impress.

To find the perfect flowers to give that special someone for your anniversary, head to our website or call us on 0800 809 453. You can also check out all our gift sets to add an extra touch to your flowers. We have everything from candles, cakes, chocolate, and wines available to make your anniversary one to remember.   

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