Market Fresh White Lilies

$59.00 NZD

White Oriental Lilies are a classic and timeless floral display.


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    Product description

    White Oriental Lilies are A Floral Classic, known for their aesthetic and longevity with their natural sophistication and spicy fragrance. Simply superb in a tall glass vase on a countertop or at the office.

    Your Market Fresh Lilies will be simply hand-tied without greenery, ready to pop in your favorite vase ready to enjoy.

    Presented in a simple brown market wrap with tissue and ribbon trim.


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    Size Guide

    Size Options:

    Standard 5 stems
    Generous 7 stems
    Extravagant 9 stems

    Care instructions

    Lily care tips
    When looked after properly, lilies have one of the longest vase lives of all cut flowers. Here's how to look after yours:

    Lilies have a vase life of around 10-14 days. Prepare your lilies by diagonally trimming the stems by roughly an inch.
    Remove any leaves that will fall below the water line. This will reduce the build up of bacteria in the water and keep your lily flowers fresher for longer.
    Remove the stamens (the orange / yellow fluffy bits that carry the pollen) to prevent staining. This doesn’t affect the longevity of the flowers. If you get pollen on any fabric, use sticky tape to dap the stain away or gently brush it off. Do not use water as this will make it worse.
    Fill your vase 2/3 full with room temperature water and add the flower food.
    Keep the vase topped up with water daily.
    Change the water and re-trim the stems every few days to maximise vase life.
    Note: Hay fever sufferers should opt for unscented varieties as the pollen count is much lower. Oriental lilies are the most heavily scented so avoid these if you have allergies.

    Style Tip: Lilies look best in arrangements with taller flowers and they pair beautifully with roses, sunflowers or gladioli.

    Warning: Keep lilies away from animals (especially cats and dogs) and children as they can be toxic.