Father’s Day is a day for you to tell your father how much you love him and how much he means to you. Despite the influx of father-centric marketing around this time, it can be difficult to find something to give fathers who usually say they don’t want anything!

Don’t worry! At Wild Poppies we help you figure out exactly what to get your father for Father’s Day. You might not think flowers are a good gift idea for a man, but there are many different options that fathers can appreciate. 

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Our flowers or gift basket options are always a good idea to show your appreciation. Our flowers are arranged especially for your order, meaning your father will get the freshest bouquet possible. The gift baskets are also assembled when you place your order so we can endure freshness and add any special requirements. 

This year, Father’s Day is taking place on September 1st 2019. If you can’t be there in person on Father’s Day, we also deliver hourly throughout Auckland. If you have a gift or flower delivery that needs to get there today, order before 2pm for outer suburbs or before 4pm for Central Suburbs and the CBD. For those outside of Auckland, order before 4pm for next day delivery.

Red roses

Roses are considered the official flower for Father’s Day, specifically white and red roses. Globally, a red rose is used to honour a surviving father on Father’s Day. There’s no better flower than the red rose to represent your affection. Over time it has remained symbolic for showing your passion for that special someone. You can pick from our range of red roses to gift your father this Father’s Day. We have options from a bucket of roses to market fresh red roses.

White roses

White roses are also the official flower for Father’s Day. In many countries people wear a white rose to honour a deceased father. They represent remembrance and are a great way of saying “I’m thinking of you”. At Wild Poppies, we have a range of classic white roses for you to choose from.


Choosing tulips as the flower to give your father on Father’s Day is a great way to show your love. Tulips are reminders of the summer and spring. At Wild Poppies, we have a range of colours of tulips available. This includes red tulips, vibrant orange tulips, mixed tulips, citrus coloured tulips and bright yellow tulips. Pick any of these to show your father how much you care.


The sunflower is all about focusing on the positive things in life, standing tall and following your dreams. This is why it’s associated with warmth, positivity and happiness. It also represents long life because it can survive some of the warmest days of summer by standing tall. No doubt, it’ll brighten up your fathers’ day. You can pick from our sunflower bouquetssunny days bouquet or market bouquet.


If you consider your father more than just a father but a friend as well, then buying daisies is the way to go. Yellow daisies represent happiness, joy and friendship. This is a great flower to give someone you consider close to you and a true friend. At Wild Poppies, we have yellow daisies for you to choose from. If you’re looking for a range of colours go for the summer mix.


If you’re looking for something different, we have a range of exotic tropical flowers for you to choose from. Tropical flowers are known for being more masculine in nature and last longer than bouquets. They can be easily placed in the office or living room. Choose from our tropical rainforest bouquetheliconia tropical arrangement or tropical table arrangement.

Potted plants

If bouquets aren’t your father’s thing, green plants or potted plants are the answer. It’s something your father can keep and add as a feature to their home. Potted plants last longer and whenever they look at it, they’ll be reminded of you. Check out our modern herb potpotted fern in vase or tropical plant in ceramic bowl.

Father's Day card message ideas

Father’s Day flowers are not complete without a card. Writing a card can be difficult because you usually have so much to say but don’t know where to begin. It’s important to speak from the heart and just let your father know how you feel. He’ll appreciate it no matter what. 

Here are some steps for Father’s Day messages to get you started.

1. Remember to address it to your Father e.g. 'Dear Dad' and say 'Happy Father’s Day'!

2. Thank your father for being there for you and supporting you, mention their role in your life. Let him know how grateful your are, why you value him in your life and highlight the good times you’ve had with him.

3. Share a memory. Share a sentimental or funny memory of something your father and you went through together and will remember for the rest of your life. This shows thoughtfulness and personalisation.

4. Finish it off by signing off with your name and either something funny or heartfelt.


1. “Dear Dad, Happy Father’s Day! You’re the best role model. Thanks for always being there for me!.”

2. “Happy Father’s Day! You’re not just my father. You’re my best friend. Thanks for being you.”

3. “You’ll always be my #1 and have a special place in my heart. Happy Father’s Day!”

4. “Dear Dad, thanks for everything you’ve done for me. I really appreciate it. I wouldn’t be here without you. Happy Father’s Day.”

Gift baskets for dads

If you’re looking for something extra to go along with your flowers, check out some of our gift basket options.

Made in New Zealand Gift. This is for foodie father. It includes gourmet treats that are all locally made and sourced. For example: gourmet crackers, NZ cheese, the Beech Chatter Platter, Wild Poppies gourmet Sauce, Bennetto chocolate and Wild Poppies sweet savoury sauce.

Big BBQ & Snacks Basket. Treat your father to some boutique beer, gourmet chips, crackers, Wild Poppies Gourmet Salad Splash, Divinity NZ Olive Oil, and a herb plant.

Friday Night Snacks.  If beer and chips are your father’s thing then this is the gift to pick. It includes a packet of gourmet chips and Moa beers all presented in a gift bag.

Father’s Day is all about letting your father know how much you appreciate him. Grab some flowers or even a gift basket from Wild Poppies to show your father how much he means to you this Father’s Day. We also deliver if you can’t be there in person this Father’s Day. You can order online or get in touch with us on 0800 809 453. 

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