Devonport Chocolates- Deluxe Tablet

$13.90 NZD

Devonport Chocolate Bars - Trust us, this chocolate bar is absolutely delicious!

Tui Dark Chocolate and Hokey Pokey:
A homage to New Zealand, decadent dark chocolate with pieces of honeycomb in a vintage-inspired wrap featuring the Tui and Pohutukawa.
Delicious dark chocolate in 55% cocoa solids with crunchy pieces of honeycomb. The vintage montage was created by Auckland artist Tanya Wolfkamp and features the native Tui and the gorgeous pohutukawa tree.
Gluten,egg and alcohol free. Contains dairy and soy. Chocolate Bar measures 7.9 x 15.5 x 0.9cm, 80g.
A great addition to any gift.