Benriach 10YO The Original Ten 700ml

$119.00 NZD
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Introducing Benriach 10-Year-Old, The Original Ten, a 700ml bottle of pure indulgence. Crafted to embody Benriach's renowned smoothness and complexity, this whisky undergoes a unique maturation process in bourbon barrels, sherry casks, and virgin oak for a minimum of ten years. The result? A symphony of flavors, featuring lush orchard fruit, velvety honeyed malt, and hints of toasted oak, all intertwined with a subtle wisp of smoke. It's the quintessential representation of our distinctive Speyside Single Malt, inviting you to savor every sip.

Radiant Summer Gold in color, with a palate brimming with rich orchard fruit, luscious honey, and a tantalizing touch of toasted oak. Experience the burst of ripe pear, succulent nectarine, and the comforting sweetness of malt, culminating in a delightful finish of almond and spiced vanilla.

Alcohol by Volume: 43%

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