Whether you’re approaching your fifth anniversary or want to surprise your partner with a romantic gesture, love is something that certainly deserves to be celebrated. That said, knowing how to express your love isn’t always easy. Not only is it hard to decide what to buy, but you’re also stuck with the challenge of choosing when to give it to them.

Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. To find out all you need to know about romantic gift-giving, check out our article below.

What are the most romantic gifts?

Romance can be expressed in many different ways. As each partner is unique, it’s best to keep in mind individual interests and preferences when choosing your gift. Nonetheless, certain items seem to always be a hit in the romance department.

Romantic gift ideas could include:


Since Ancient Greece, red roses have been linked to romance through the Greek Goddess of Love. Nowadays they continue to be a popular gift choice amongst many couples. In addition to the colour having iconic symbolism, different numbers of roses also have associated meaning. A single red rose conveys love at first sight, 12 red roses say “Be mine”, and an armful of 30 red roses expresses faithfulness.

At Wild Poppies, our single rose is gifted in a long, sleek black box with tissue and ribbon trim. Our bunch of 12 can be displayed in either an elegant black box, a glass trough vase, or a modern black rose pot. For an extra dose of romance, we also offer a dozen red roses alongside a gift-boxed G.H.MUMM Champagne. Lastly, if you’ve decided to be generous with 30 roses, they’ll come beautifully presented in lashings of black tulle netting.

Although red is closely associated with love, romantic roses aren’t limited to this one colour. If you think your partner would prefer a brighter option, go for it. When doing so, you may also want to consider each colour’s associated meaning. Accordingly, classic white roses convey new beginnings, pink roses express admiration, orange roses embody passion, and cream roses show thoughtfulness. 

For more information, read our article, “The Meaning of Flowers and Their Colours”.

Other flowers

Likewise, romantic flowers aren’t restricted to just roses. Different varieties such as seasonal tulipselegant lilies, or exotic tropical flowers are also great options. As mentioned earlier, it’s all about picking a gift that suits your partner. 

For more information, check out our article, “Flowers For Different Personality Types”.

For something a bit different, our Pink Posy in a Glass Bubble Vase is a unique romantic option. Created using seasonal pink flowers, roses, lilies, stock, and fresh foliage this arrangement looks stunning nestled in a water-filled bubble vase. Another popular ‘non-bouquet’ choice is our romantic cube. This modern black cube is decked out with lush, red seasonal blooms making it a symbol of love as well as a trendy piece of interior.


If you’re celebrating a special occasion, such as a wedding anniversary, jewellery is a go-to gift idea. The piece can be as simple as a set of earrings for a woman or a chain for a man. You could also choose to personalise the gift by  engraving a bracelet or necklace with a special date or set of initials.

Photo gifts

Talking about personalisation, photo gifts are an extremely personal and thoughtful way to convey your love. Whether you want to print their favourite photo on canvas or make a personalised calendar, your partner will certainly appreciate the amount of effort that has gone into the gift.

Cupcakes or cake

Cupcakes or cake can be an incredibly romantic gift - especially when it’s heart-shaped or tailored to your partner’s taste buds. From chocolate to red velvet to strawberry, Wild Poppies has it all. We also offer gluten-free chocolate cupcakes and vegan raspberry cupcakes for those partners who have special dietary requirements.

To take the romance to the next level, we highly recommend one of our luxury cake combos. The classic option comes with a 5-inch chocolate whiskey cake, a lush bouquet of seasonal white blooms, as well as the current issue of Life & Leisure magazine - a perfect way to treat your special lady. Likewise, our Red Emerald Luxury Cake combo offers a similar package but replaces the white posy with red blooms.

If your partner isn’t much of a reader, the Lilac Luxury Cake Combo might be the way to go. This fantastic package comes with a four-pack of cupcakes, a lilac bouquet, and a 750ml bottle of Soho Harry Rose.

Sweet treats

You can never go wrong with gifting your partner their favourite sweet treats. You could simply grab a packet from the supermarket, but you’ll earn some extra brownie points for gifting our sweet treats gourmet basket. With this epic package, your partner (and you) can enjoy chocolate mousse, meringues, chocolate whiskey cake, fruit tea, coffee, and chocolate. It’s a romantic sugar rush just waiting to happen!

Another popular choice is our White Posy and Gourmet Treats. Inside this package, you’ll see white chocolate cookies, a 5 inch Dolce Vita cake, Miann chocolate, as well as a neutral seasonal bouquet. If you’ve already got part of your gift, you may just want to add a lovely box of Devonport chocolates.

Gourmet food baskets

If your partner isn’t a sweet tooth, savoury goodies can also be a great addition to your gift. From a masculine cheese hamper to a set of chutneys and relishes, the choice is up to you - just make sure it suits your partner and the occasion. For instance, if your partner loves to cook or you want to make a romantic meal together, a set of chutneys would perfect. On the other hand, if they never usually set foot in the kitchen, it’s best to stick with gifts you know they’d like.

For the best of both worlds, our fresh and stylish hamper offers both sweet and savoury treats such as cupcakes, cheese, crackers, and cookies.


You can’t celebrate love without some bubbles, right? At Wild Poppies, we have a handful of incredible SoHo wines such as the popular Soho Harry Rose. You’ll get to turn on the romance with its light pink appearance, and sweet fruity aroma.

To accompany the wines, we offer a range of different romantic packages such as our Red Jasper, Ashley, and SoHo Gift. This option comes with a bottle of SoHo Wines Pinot Noir, a beautiful seasonal red bouquet, as well as an Ashley & Co. Hand-Poured Candle. Our Precious Jewel and SoHo Gift is also a popular choice. This package contains a luxurious bottle of SoHo Wine’s Ziggy pinot gris with a pink ruby bouquet.

Pamper packs

Your partner is bound to feel the love with one of our pamper packs. For the ladies, we have our Precious Jewel, Ashley & Co. Gift package that comes with a stunning Jewel Bouquet, an Ashley & Co. body wash, body lotion, and mini soap bar. For the men, we then have packages such as our shaving and skincare set that will have them feel refreshed.


Candles and room perfumes are a perfect way to turn up the romance. Our Fresh and Pretty Ecoya Giftset is ideal for any partner who appreciates beautiful fragrance, fresh flowers, and sweet treats. Inside this package is a posy of pink tulips, strawberry cupcakes and an Ecoya Madison Candle and hand cream. Take notes boys!

Activity voucher

Sometimes activity vouchers are the best sort of gift. Alongside some chocolates, flowers, or wine you could spoil your partner with plane tickets for a weekend away, a voucher for couples massage, or tickets to an upcoming concert.

Remember to use these ideas as a guide and tailor them to your partner as much as possible. You may also want to check out our article, “Buying Flowers For Her” and “Buying Flowers For Him”.

When should I give my partner a romantic gift?

Although you can surprise your partner with a romantic gesture any day of the year, some occasions are more suitable than others.

First up, we have February 14th, which is what we all know as Valentine’s Day. If you’ve only been dating a few weeks or months, it’s best to keep this simple with a box of chocolates or a bouquet.

Once you’ve been dating a year, you’ll likely want to celebrate. Accordingly, relationship anniversaries are a perfect time to give your partner a romantic gift. If you wish to celebrate the day you met, your first date, or when you became official, it’s up to you. Just try to be consistent each year, so you’re both on the same page.

Likewise, each year of marriage calls for a celebration. For more information, read our article, “Buying Flowers For Anniversary Milestones”.

Birthdays are another excuse to spoil your loved one. Although this isn’t a romantic occasion, romantic gifts also make for great birthday presents.

If your partner has recently finished their university degree or scored a promotion, why not celebrate their success with a romantic gift?

On the flip side, you can also use a romantic gift to pick them up after a hard week.

For more information, read our article, "Gifting Flowers - Which Flowers are Appropriate For the Occasion?”.

Where are the most romantic spots in Auckland?

If you're celebrating Valentine's Day or an anniversary, your gift will likely be given before or after a romantic date.

Romantic date ideas in Auckland:

  • Watch the sunset from Mount Victoria, Piha Beach, or Mount Eden Summit.
  • Cosy up in a vintage cinema such as BridgeWayThe Vic, or Rialto. Or snuggle up at Silo Park’s outdoor cinema during summer.
  • Dress up and watching a show at the Civic.
  • Spend the day vineyard hopping on Waiheke Island.
  • Admire the night-time cityscape from Devonport Wharf or Stokes Point Reserve.
  • Get your swing on and have a laugh at Holey Moley.
  • Enjoy a hike or picnic at Shakespear Regional Park.
  • Get competitive at Newmarket’s newly opened Archie Brothers Arcade Bar.
  • Stroll around Cornwall Park before heading up One Tree Hill.

What are the most romantic restaurants in Auckland?

In addition to fun activities, sharing a good meal at a nice restaurant is the perfect way to spend a date night.

Romantic restaurants in Auckland include:

Don’t go thinking we forgot about dessert. Romantic dessert ideas in Auckland include:

  • Circus Circus (Mount Eden) - With twinkly lights, low lighting, and circus-themed interior, it provides an ideal atmosphere to cosy up and enjoy a slice of cake.
  • Miaan (CBD) - Trendy, yet cosy with incredible dessert options.
  • Elisabeth Cafe (Kingsland) - Highly recommend this spot for a romantic warm drink to end the night.
  • Federal Delicatessen (CBD) - Their 3-way pie comes with three delicious slices of pies that are ideal for sharing.

How can I make a romantic night at home?

Sometimes the best date nights are spent at home. If you’ve got kids, you may want to arrange a sleepover at their grandparents or friends house so you can truly enjoy some alone time. To have a romantic night at home, you could:

  • Reminisce by looking at old photos and videos.
  • Open a bottle of wine and play board games.
  • Create an at-home-spa by giving your partner a relaxing massage or adding some bubble foam to the bathwater.
  • Surprise your partner with their favourite home-cooked meal.
  • Set up a movie night with popcorn and blankets.
  • Bring home your partner’s favourite dessert.
  • Create a grazing platter and open some bubbles.

By creating this cosy, romantic atmosphere, it provides the perfect opportunity for you to give your partner your romantic gift.

We hope that this guide has helped you decide what to get your partner. If you need further help picking your romantic gift, see us in-store at 28 Ethel St, Sandringham, Auckland or call us 09 357 6161. 

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