Wondering what to get your coworker for that big event coming up? At Wild Poppies, we have you sorted with a range of corporate flowers or gifts. It can be tricky figuring out what gift is appropriate for corporate occasions when you don’t know the people on a personal level. Here’s everything you need to know about corporate gifts and corporate flowers.

What are some appropriate situations or events to give corporate gifts and flowers?

Firstly, it’s important to note that each corporate setting has their own rules and policies around giving gifts at work. Before you go buying any corporate flowers or gifts make sure you know the policy.

There may arise a corporate situation or event where you wonder if giving a gift is appropriate. First, it’s a good idea to check in with your coworkers to see whether they’re doing anything for the event. Instead of buying something on your own for a coworker, most people pitch in with their team when giving corporate gifts or flowers in a corporate setting. This way the gift doesn’t give any wrong impressions or look like someone is being favoured. If the gift is for a close friend who you happen to work with, give your gift outside of the corporate setting.


Who doesn’t love feeling appreciated on their birthday? It’s always a good idea to get together with your team and pitch in for flowers, a card, a shared lunch or even a cake to celebrate a coworker. At Wild Poppies, we have cupcakes & cakeshappy birthday cards, and an endless variety of gift sets for you to choose from.

Corporate flowers that are great for birthdays include gerberaslilies, and orchids. Great options include the sunrise bouquetmarket bouquet - burnt oranges, or go all out with the bright luxury cake combo. These are great corporate gift baskets.


If a coworker is retiring, it’s definitely appropriate to give corporate flowers and gifts. This is a big milestone in their life and they’re bound to appreciate everyone getting together to celebrate their achievements.

Flowers such as lilies and orchids are appropriate for retirement as well. Additionally, we have a great selection of cheerful farewell flowers. Go for spring posy in bubble vase or nautical by nature.


Did one of your coworkers recently give birth? It’s time to celebrate the new baby! Flowers such as the pink ruby bouquet or sky blue and white posy are perfect for this occasion. At Wild Poppies we also have a range of newborn baby gifts for you to add on. Get together with your team to pick a cute bundle that you can get delivered to the hospital or your coworkers home address.

Thank you

If you’re feeling thankful, it’s always a good idea to say thank you with flowers. Our sunset bouquet and clarity bouquet are great for this occasion. They’ll leave the recipient feeling touched knowing you value them in the corporate setting. Remember to get a card to go with the flowers and get everyone in the team to sign it too.


When it comes to corporate christmas gifts, consider company policy before buying any flowers or gifts. Is there a no-gift policy during this season? Are you only doing secret santa? If your team wants to give flowers to your boss it may be appropriate to pick something like poinsettia or amaryllis. These red and green flowers symbolise Christmas joy and make for great decoration. Instead of flowers you can also pick cupcakeswine or chocolate depending on your corporate setting and relationship.

If you want to know more about what flowers you should give for any specific occasion, check out our gift guide - 'Which Flowers Are Appropriate for the Occasion?'

What are some flower and gift suggestions for male coworkers?

Buying corporate gifts for male coworkers can be difficult. You may want to get a succulent rather than a bouquet. Succulents are considered to have a more masculine appearance, plus don’t require much care. The potted plant - cactus duo makes the perfect corporate gift. If flower’s definitely aren’t his thing you can pick anything from food to bottle of wine to a pack of MOA beer. These make for the perfect corporate gift hampers and baskets.

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What corporate gifts and flowers should I avoid giving?

Before buying any gifts or flowers for a coworker remember to ask around whether people have any allergies to flowers or food since the gift will be in the corporate environment the majority of the day. Avoid flowers such as jasmine and lavender that have strong fragrances indoors. Also avoid flowers such as roses since they are known for romantic meanings and consider avoiding red coloured flowers as they often symbolise love.

What are some gifts to include with flowers and gift baskets?

Including a gift card is always a good idea as it adds personalisation to the flowers or gifts. Additionally, you can add delicious Devonport chocolate or even fine wine. We have everything from Moet & Chandon Brut Imperial to SOHO Bobby Pinot Noir.

Message ideas for corporate thank you cards

Adding a thank you card is one one of the most important things when giving corporate gifts or flowers. Remember to address the card to the person and sign off with your name. Here are some ideas to get you started on your card:

To: Sarah,

Glad you’re part of our team.

From: X Project team.

To: Josh,

Thanks for your great work on this project.

From: Your team

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Delivery options for corporates in Auckland

At Wild Poppies, we have corporate flower delivery sorted. We have same day flower delivery available in Auckland and also deliver hourly throughout Auckland. If you have a gift or flower delivery that needs to get there today, order before 2pm for Outer Suburbs or before 4pm for Central Suburbs and the CBD. If you have an URGENT request give us a call and we’ll see what we can do for you.

Get in touch with Wild Poppies on 0800 809 453 or order online for all your corporate gifts and corporate flower needs. We have something available for every occasion.

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