Potted Watermelon Plant with Bluebells Macarons

$99.00 NZD
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Comes with Bluebells famous Macarons 6 pack

Potted Peperomia Watermelon Plant with beautiful ceramic pot from Europe.

Peperomia Watermelon are an easy-care, valued house plant. Their thick glossy leaves shimmer in the right light, and are striking with their watermelon appearance.

This gift comes beautifully presented in a Wild Poppies bag wrapped in tissue.

Please note these are not suitable for delivery outside of Auckland


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Please NOTE plants aren't suitable for delivery outside of Auckland. This will replaced with a beautiful Posy.

Size Guide

This plant ranges from 40cm - 130cm tall.

Care instructions

Our dedicated team will always re-pot and plant your plant with the utmost skill and care, ensuring it is a stunning and enduring gift, token of gratitude, or home adornment.

Key steps for caring for your Plant:
1. Water moderately, depending on the temperature and humidity. The best way to determine if your Rojo Congo plant needs watering it to place your finger several inches into the soil, if it is damp do not water. If it feels nearly dry, water immediately.
2. Keep your orchids in a warm spot in indirect sunlight.Direct sunlight may damage and mis-colour leaves.
3. Use fertiliser once a month in the spring & summer season, to encourage healthy growth.