Made4Baby Foaming Hair & Body Wash

$19.95 NZD

Made4Baby Foaming Hair & Body Wash takes the stress out of bathtime for busy parents. The two-in-one wash cleans hair and skin, while the foaming bubbles provide endless fun for your little one. Made from natural ingredients and free of nasty chemicals and parabens, our wash is safe for sensitive skin and non-irritating on eyes. Meaning no more bathtime tears!

Key benefits:

  • Made from natural ingredients.
  • Free of harsh detergents, chemicals and parabens.
  • A multi-use product for hair and skin.
  • The self-foaming pump bottle is easy to use and can be applied with one hand.
  • Non-irritating on skin and eyes.
  • Cleans skin but retains the skins natural moisture barrier.