Glass Conical Vase Add On

$25.00 NZD

Every bouquet that does not specify its in a container will need a vase. On arrival your flowers will need to be trimmed and placed in a vase of cool, fresh water. Purchasing a vase as an add on to your order is a great idea. Choose small, medium or large, in relation to the size posy or bouquet you have selected. We will wrap your vase separately in bubble wrap, and water pack your flowers so that on arrival your recipient may unwrap all pieces, fill vase with water and pop the flowers in.

Size Options-

  • Standard: For small posy/bouquet 20cm Tall x 10cm Wide
  • Generous: For medium size posy/bouquet 25cm Tall x 11cm Wide
  • Extravagant: For large size posy/bouquet 30cm Tall x 15cm Wide
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