Why do tropical flowers hold a special place in the hearts of flower lovers? For many people, tropical flowers bring fresh aromas and add life and colour into their living space. For others, these exquisite blooms bring back wonderful and happy memories of their travels in an exotic paradise. These vibrant blooms are also a beautiful addition to any office or reception area, adding warmth to the place and making it more inviting.

What exactly are tropical flowers?

Tropical flowers are flowering plants that thrive naturally in a tropical or warmer climate. The tropical region of the world generally refers to locations or places on or close to the equator. This only means that tropical blooms are native to the principal regions with a tropical climate such as the Congo Basin in West Africa and Indonesia and the Amazon Basin in Brazil. You can also find tropical plants in India, China, and other places in Asia and the Pacific.

Unlike most flowers, exotic tropical blooms cannot withstand the cold. This is why tropical flowering plants should not be stored in temperatures below 15 degrees celsius or they will blacken and wither. Also, tropical office plants love humidity and occasional misting.

What are some popular tropical flowers?

Now that you have a better understanding of tropical plants, take a closer look at some popular tropical blooms that you might want to have in your office or home.

Tropical flowers for the office and event

Lobster Claw (Heliconia rostrata)

Related to cannas, bananas, and gingers, Lobster Claws are native to Central and South America. These tropical flowers are usually green but are tinged slightly with orange, red, or yellow hues, and tipped with a bright gold splash. With their exotic shape and uniqueness, these beautiful tropical blooms are commonly seen during island theme parties and Polynesian cultural events.

Orchid (Orchidaceae)

Known more for their striking flowers than for their foliage, orchids are ideal as wedding centrepieces and hotel decors. Exotic, refreshing, and gorgeous to look at, orchids are favoured by hoteliers as room decor and table centrepieces as they bring a sense of luxury to the place. Orchids are also perfect as tropical wedding flowers that will add a touch of elegance and sophistication to a bouquet.

Tropical flowers for the home

Maraca Ginger (Zingiber spectabilis)

Referred to as the pinecone ginger or the beehive because of its ornamental shape, the Maraca Ginger is a popular addition to tropical gardens and flower arrangements. Believed to have originated in India, the Maraca Ginger has medicinal properties that help treat toothaches, sprains, indigestion, and stomach pains. The milk found in its cone is also used as an ingredient for commercial shampoos and hair care products.

Anthurium (Anthurium andraeanum)

One of the most popular tropical plants for the home, Anthuriums have bright blooms that come in red, pink, white, and burgundy. These exotic tropical blooms which are common in the Asian region are available in hundreds of varieties that easily adapt to the low light and erratic humidity of most homes and gardens.

What occasions may need tropical blossoms?

With their bright colours and fresh aromas, tropical flowers add a touch of uniqueness and personality to any garden. These exquisite flowering plants can also elevate your home or office, spice up a wedding bouquet, and used as medicinal herbs.

Read on to learn how theses tropical flowering plants can be used for any occasion.

Special occasions

Tropical blooms can also be arranged in a vase or a wrapped bouquet and delivered as personalised gifts during birthdays, promotions, and other important occasions like Mother’s Day, Valentine’s Day, and more. You can also give these beautiful blooms to your friends and family as welcome gifts or housewarming presents.

Personalised gifts

Tropical flowering plants are great as personalised gifts because of their extraordinary beauty and unique shapes. These blooms are ideal for someone who loves flower bouquets that are unusual and a little different from a typical flower arrangement. Because tropical plants have a hard texture and strong lines that make them appear more masculine, many tropical flowers in NZ have become a popular choice as floral gifts for men.

Hotel functions

With bright and vibrant blooms in purple, red, yellow, orange, and green, tropical flowers have the power to transport viewers to a picturesque paradise. This is why these fragrant blooms are popularly used as table centrepieces or room decors in luxury hotels. Some of the most fragrant tropical flowers like orchids and birds of paradise are used as table centrepieces in many hotel functions.

Tropical weddings

There’s something unique and exotic about tropical flower bouquets for weddings. If you want to spice up your special day, then decorate the place with large tropical blooms to make a blood statement. These vibrant tropical flower arrangements can surely liven up a wedding banquet and create a focal point for those attending the gathering.

Corporate events

If your business or cultural event requires stunning flowers for a podium, stage, or head table, tropical flowers are a good choice because they stand out due to their sizes and colours. For corporate and cultural events, decorate the place with birds of paradise, bold stargazers, and gladiolas.

Memorials and funerals

A display of tropical flower arrangement is a special way to honour a loved one at a funeral or memorial service. These fragrant and exquisite blooms can be arranged into wreaths, casket sprays, standing sprays, or baskets. Displaying tropical flowering plants will be an apt tribute for a relative or friend who preferred the unique over a traditional flower arrangement.

Shop for vibrant tropical bouquets online

Breathtakingly unique, tropical flowers add that extra special touch to gardens, homes, and offices. These fragrant and colourful blooms are also perfect for special events like weddings, birthdays, and corporate and cultural parties, and as well as solemn occasions such as funerals and memorial services.

Whether you’re preparing for a tropical wedding, celebrating your friend, family, or special someone’s birthday, congratulating them on a promotion, or honouring important people in your life or business, there are many reasons why you may want to order tropical flowers in NZ.

At Wild Poppies, our exotic tropical flower bouquets can brighten up any special occasion and surely put a smile on their face, especially since you took great effort to choose a flower bouquet that is unique and extraordinary.

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