Instead of going on a wild goose chase to find daffodils in January or Gardenias in June, it’s useful to know which varieties are available at different times of the year. To help you find out what flowers you can expect to find during each month, Wild Poppies have put together the flower calendar below.

What flowers are available in January?

Starting with the sunny month of January, you’ll find lots of elegant lilies such as Calla Lilies. This classic variety is available until May and then pops back up for a short while in October. As this time of year is hot, your lilies must stay hydrated. Accordingly, you should place your arrangement in water as soon as possible. When doing so, handle them with care as their blooms bruise easily.

At this time of year, you’ll also find plenty of dahlia and tuberose. To preserve their beauty, you'll need to change their water every one to two days.

What flowers are available in February?

February is an ideal time for aster. Their stunning purple appearance certainly makes them an eye-catching choice. You better get in quick, as this variety is only available until March before making a reappearance in November and December.

What flowers are available in March?

As autumn approaches freesias, irises, and tulips come out to play. You’ll have plenty of time to utilise their vibrant, stunning appearance, as they’re usually all available until October.

When displaying them in a vase, it's useful to recut their stems every two days, so they stay fresh for longer.

What flowers are available in April?

During April, stock is a go-to floral option. This low-branching herb is available until November. Once again, it’s best to cut their stems every day or two. Likewise, you’ll benefit from removing any foliage below the water level to minimise the risk of bacteria growing.

What flowers are available in May?

Anemone and ranunculus are popular picks during May. When displaying your anemones, it’s best to choose a vase that’s tall enough to support all the stems. After a couple of days, you’ll want to cut the stems and change the water. The same tips apply when caring for fresh ranunculus.

This time of year is also ideal for purchasing a cymbidium orchid pot. As this gift is ready to go without a vase, it makes for a very convenient gift.

What flowers are available in June?

Along with the gloomier weather, come June’s daffodils and poppies. While most varieties benefit from having their stems cut, daffodils receive the opposite effect. Correspondingly, if you were to cut their stems, you would decrease their lifespan.

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What flowers are available in July?

As we enter July, you’ll see hyacinths available in your local florist. These wonderful, fragrant flowers are available through till September. When choosing a spot to display this arrangement, it’s best to keep them in a cool place away from direct sunlight.

What flowers are available in August?

From August through till April, you’ll usually find Orchid Phalaenopsis. Their classic beauty is always a well-loved gift.

August is also an ideal time for sweet peas. Their pleasant smell and delightful hues make them a popular arrangement choice. When filling your vase, make sure to cover the majority of the stem in water. Doing so will help them last longer.

What flowers are available in September?

As spring begins, you’ll quickly start to find snapdragons. To help them stay fresh, make sure not to place your vase too close to any heat sources such as a fireplace or TV.

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What flowers are available in October?

Foreshadowing the sunshine to come, Sunflowers start to bloom in October. When caring for your sunflowers, it’s best to clean the water and recut the stems every couple days. By doing so, you’ll be able to keep your chirpy, vibrant arrangement for longer.

What flowers are available in November?

From November through to around March, you’ll see plenty of hydrangeas and lavenders. Both varieties are rich in colour, making them a great gift or ‘treat-yourself’ decoration.

At this time, you’ll also find lots of peonies. Unlike the other two, this incredible variety is only available during this one month.

What flowers are available in December?

As summer begins, you’ll start to see celosia, frangipani, gardenia, and gladiolus arrangements. You better get in quick because these vibrant varieties will soon disappear as the temperature begins to drop.

What flowers are available all year round?

While most flowers are seasonal, some are known for being available all year round. Therefore, you’re in luck if you’re a fan of the following varieties:


Often referred to as the easiest cut flower to care for, alstroemeria is both hardy and beautiful.


As long the temperature doesn't drop below 10 degrees celsius, you’ll have no trouble finding these stunning flowers.


As chrysanthemums usually can bloom in both summer and winter conditions, they’re a popular flower choice most times of the year.


Gerberas flower from early spring through to autumn, making them a go-to choice during most months.

Roses and rose spray

With roses being one of the most popular floral gifts, it works out well that they’re available all year round. Whether you’re after a dozen red roses or a trio of bright mixed roses, this classic flower will always be a crowd favourite.

Once again, when caring for these flowers, remember to clean the water and recut the stems every couple days. By doing so, you can enjoy their blooms longer. For more information, read our article, “Everything You Need to Know About Keeping Flowers Fresh”.

Do keep in mind that this flower calendar is simply a guide. As seasons fluctuate, availability isn’t always the same each year.

That said, it’s pretty clear that flowers are a great gift any time of the year. If you have any questions or need help choosing flowers, see us in-store at 28 Ethel St, Sandringham, Auckland or call us 09 357 6161.

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