Succulent plants have recently increased in popularity. The reason behind this is that they’re a great alternative to purchasing flowers if the recipient isn’t into flowers, is allergic, or maybe doesn’t have time to take care of the flowers. Succulents are easy to look after and great for gift or decoration. At Wild Poppies, we’re loving the succulent plant trends so here’s everything you need to know about succulent plants, their types, and the latest trends.

What are succulent plants?

Succulents are plants that hold water in their leaves. The leaves are fleshy and contain sap to hold as much moisture as possible since these plants are usually found in the desert. Succulent plants do well in dry climates and can survive longer periods of drought since the water is stored in their leaves. Regardless, they still need to be watered occasionally to keep them growing. Succulent types can range from cacti to orchids and even aloe plants. Most indoor plants are also part of the succulent plant family.

Why is the succulent plant trending these days?

The main reasons succulent plants are popular are because they are low maintenance compared to other plants. For example, they require less watering, light, and general attention than other plants. They’re also popular because the lack of watering reduces the risk of pests. Furthermore, the thick, waxy leaves of succulent plants are also difficult for pests to penetrate and feed through. Therefore, there’s less chance of pests in whatever environment the succulent is placed. This has resulted in rising succulent trends. 

One of the main trends includes placing the succulent plants in offices as they make for a great feature to work desks and help add character to the office. Additionally, they can be placed inside the house, are commonly used on green walls and in interior landscaping projects.

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What types of succulents can you get?

Succulent types range from aloe vera to cacti to portulacaria afra. This means they come in a range of shapes and sizes so there’s something for everyone no matter what purpose you’re looking to get them for. At Wild Poppies, one of the most popular succulent plants is the potted cactus duo

The cactus duo makes for a stunning gift, whether it be for a birthday, house warming or just to brighten up someone’s day. The duo includes a cactus plant in a ceramic pot and a mini version with a smaller cactus also in a ceramic pot. It’ll come ready to be gifted in a Wild Poppies midnight and blush gift bag with tissue and ribbon trim. 

If you’re looking for something to use as decoration in an office or home environment then our large bubble vase terrarium is for you. This will add that x factor to your office desk, waiting room or even bathroom. With this you get to have your own little world of nature indoors with you.

What do succulent plants symbolise?

Tenacity and determination

One of the main things succulent plants symbolise is tenacity and determination. This is because they can survive in some of the harshest conditions. Additionally, the tenacity and determination comes from the plant being able to reproduce by dropping one of its leaves. It symbolises that you can achieve greatness even when life throws the worst at you.


Succulent plants can also symbolise love. They are known to be attached to the themes of timeless and unconditional love. In some ancient traditions, cacti were the remains of people who were waiting for the return of their loved one. The power of love kept them standing after their mortal bodies fell to dust.

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How should I care for succulents?


Succulent types are easier to take care of than other plants you may have previously looked after. This is due to their ability to store water and survive in warm climates as mentioned earlier. With succulent plants, you should wait until the soil they’re in has dried before watering them. They don’t need to be watered every day. If you see the succulent plant becoming soft or if the colour changes then you could be over watering it.


Since succulent plants are commonly found in deserts where there is a lack of water, they take more nutrients from the air and soil around them. Initially, the soil that your succulent plant is in will do the job but after a while you might need new soil so it continues to absorb all the nutrients that it needs. Alternatively, you can also offer your succulent plant food to ensure it gets all the nutrients required. Make sure to follow the instructions listed on the back on how much food your succulent requires and when. If you don’t change the soil or offer plant food your succulent won’t live its best life. During cooler seasons, succulents are fine on their own but in summer you may need to fertilise them depending on the environment.


Even though your succulent doesn’t need as much watering as other plants, it still needs light. It’s important to place the succulent plant in an area where it can get sun throughout the day. For example, in front of a window or on a table where the sunlight can reach. The main thing to avoid is leaving it in the dark.

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Succulent plants come in a range of designs and sizes. They’re the perfect plant to buy for yourself or gift to brighten up someone’s environment who may not have time to spend taking care of flowers. At Wild Poppies, we have beautiful succulents for you to choose from. You can order online or get in touch with us on 0800 809 453. 

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