Spring is approaching which means warmer weather and time to appreciate all the flowers that are out putting on a show. With so many exciting flower colours and options available, we had to make a New Zealand Spring Flower Guide for you. Whether you’re wondering what flowers are available to buy in spring to what flowers are best to give as gifts on occasions in spring, at Wild Poppies we’ve got you sorted. It’s finally time for spring!

What flowers are available at New Zealand florists during spring?

The season of spring offers a great range of flowers in New Zealand for you to choose from. There’s no better time than now to take advantage of this colourful season. After all, it only comes around once a year! Some flowers that are available at Wild Poppies during spring include:

How should I care for my flowers during spring?

To make sure you get the most time out of your spring flowers in New Zealand it’s important to take good care of them throughout the season. Generally, when taking care of flowers during spring remember to water them weekly. If the flowers are in containers or a pot they’ll need to be watered daily. Remove any dry or dead flowers from the bunch to ensure the rest keep blooming.

If you’ve just received a beautiful bouquet here are some steps for taking care of the spring flowers in New Zealand.

Get a vase

Your bouquet probably looks amazing but the flowers will look even better when displayed in a vase. There are so many vase designs to choose from, this is your chance to experiment and pick one that matches the environment where you’ll place the flowers. A vase will help take care of the flowers as they’ll be standing up out of the way and they’ll also act as a colourful display piece. If your flowers are long pick a tall vase, if your flowers are short pick an hourglass-shaped vase.

Fresh water

To keep your flowers looking fresh during spring in New Zealand they’ll need fresh water. It’s important to change the water every few days as well as taking time to clean the vase to ensure the flowers remain fresh and blooming. Otherwise they can dry out and die really fast.

Flower food

When it comes to flower food, a little can go a long way. Usually a small packet comes with the flowers or alternatively you can also buy some from any store that sells flowers. This flower food helps extend the time your flowers live for. It provides nutrients to the flowers that they may not be getting when they’re in a vase inside your house as opposed to growing in the ground outside. 

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Specific NZ spring flower care

Since we’re talking about spring flowers, some of them require specific care during the spring season in addition to the tips listed above.


Remember to keep gerberas hydrated. Some people use distilled water if they’re placed in a vase since they’re known to be sensitive to fluoride.


We all know the beauty of roses. Remember to remove any drying up petals that’ll ensure your flowers remain looking fresh in spring. Also check the water level of the vase and update it regularly with fresh water, roses are known for being thirsty.


Turns out freesias prefer room-temperature water so keep that in mind when watering them or updating the water in their vase. Again remove any old blossoms to keep them looking pretty through spring.


Lilys are delicate flowers, take extra care when handling them.

What New Zealand flowers are appropriate to gift during spring?

Any of the flowers mentioned so far are all make great gift options in New Zealand spring. No matter what flower you decide to gift the person you’re giving it to will feel the love and be grateful you thought of them. Nevertheless, you should take into consideration the meaning of flowers and their colours

If you want to know more about what flower you should give for any specific occasion, check out our gift guide - 'Which Flowers Are Appropriate for the Occasion?'.

What New Zealand flowers in spring are appropriate to gift at a Wedding?

You can never go wrong with gifting roses at a spring wedding. They are considered a romantic flower, representing endless love and affection for the person you’re giving them to. Pink roses and white roses are the colours to go with for weddings. At Wild Poppies we have a huge wedding range for you to choose from, you’ll find the right option for that special recipient this spring season.

What New Zealand flowers in spring are appropriate to gift at a Funeral?

If you’re attending a funeral in spring, the flower to gift is a white lily. This represents the innocence of the soul of the departed. Most flowers that are white in colour are usually given for funerals as they represent peace and calmness. This means you can also gift white roses at a funeral too as it’ll represent innocence and youthfulness of the soul. 

Remember to add a card with your flowers such as a sympathy card to pay your respects.

Warning: Some cultures find flowers at funerals to be inappropriate! Check with the family if flowers are appropriate for the occasion or whether there’s a different gift you should be giving instead of flowers according to their culture or religion.

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What New Zealand flowers in spring are appropriate to gift to a person who is grieving?

You can show that you’re thinking of the person and you’re there for them in their time of need by sending some flowers to them. Again, white lilieswhite roses, or daisies are appropriate for this event in spring. In this situation they can be associated with empathy and thoughtfulness. Make sure to include a card with the flowers. This will make the recipient feel special and really show that you’re there for them during a tough time in their life.

What New Zealand flowers in spring are appropriate to gift on a birthday?

For spring birthdays you can get creative and colourful! It’s a celebration after all. You can choose to pick their favourite flower or favourite colour or even pick a flower that represents your friendship. What’s even cooler is that each birth month has its own flower associated with it. For those celebrating their birthday in September you can get them an aster, for those celebrating their birthday in October you can get them a marigold and those celebrating their birthday in November you can get them some chrysanthemums

You can also never go wrong with gerberasroses, or tulips during spring. The more colourful the better. If you want to go the extra step, at Wild Poppies we have all your birthday gift needs sorted from cards to chocolate to cake. This spring, make this their best birthday ever.

What New Zealand flowers in spring are appropriate to gift on graduation?

Graduation is a big day and it’s not complete without gifting a bouquet to that person you’re going to support. Remember these flowers will be in the majority of photos the graduate takes on the day so take your time in picking the perfect flowers. 

Tulips are a great start as they represent happiness and good memories. Roses are also a great choice as they represent joy and unity. Pick the flowers according to your relationship with the graduate. It’s also nice to add a gift with your flowers to congratulate the graduate on all the hard work they’ve put in the past few years to reach this milestone.

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What gifts go well with flowers during spring?


If you’re gifting a bouquet a perfect gift to go along with it is a vase. It’ll help that special someone have a way to display those beautiful flowers you put thought into buying for them. There are so many different types of vases to choose from, it’s like adding an extra element of expression of yourself to the flowers. Whenever the recipient sees the flowers or the vase they’ll be sure to think of you and your kind gesture.

Flower food

Think ahead and buy some packets of flower food to go with the flowers you’re giving. This will help the flowers last longer in New Zealand spring as they get all the nutrients they need. Make sure to read the instructions on what type works best for what flowers.

Watering can

In spring a watering can is a great add on gift to flowers. You can gift it to be used as a watering can or get creative and do a little DIY. You can fill the watering can up with flowers, wrap the outside with a ribbon and it can be used as a decoration or in place of a vase as well.


Maybe the person you’re gifting flowers to likes to read? At Wild Poppies we have a range of magazines for you to choose from. For example, NZ Life & Leisure explores the unique New Zealand way of living, featuring individuals and their homes and lifestyles (food, wine, travel). There’s also M2 Woman which is a woman’s lifestyle magazine. If the recipient is into health and wellness then MINDFOOD is the one for them. Of course you can gift magazines to males as well, we have M2 which is filled with content about cars, gadgets, and men's fashion.


Are you’re in the mood to celebrate? Or maybe the person you’re gifting flowers to loves wine? Guess what, at Wild Poppies we have great wine options for you to gift with the flowers too! Your choices include bubbles (of course), pinot noirsauvignon blancchardonnay, and more! 

You can go the extra mile and check out some of our gift baskets featuring wine too.

Gift basket

At Wild Poppies we offer exceptional gift baskets that will leave your recipient feeling loved and jumping with joy with all the goodies. Our Peggy White and Ecoya Gift comes with fresh flowers, a New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc, cupcakes and Ecoya Hand cream. Now that’s an incredible gift. 

Our Compagnie de Provence Fleur De Coton Gift Hamper is a dream. It combines products from Compagnie De Provence, a delicious bottle of New Zealand white wine, red velvet cupcakes and a luscious posy using seasonal blooms in whites and creams. All presented in a gift hamper with tissue and ribbon trim.


Did we mention we also have Devonport Chocolates? Now that’s something you can never go wrong with. The chocolate selection contains an assortment of milk, dark and white chocolate handmade treats. Flavours include limoncello, creamy caramel, mango passionfruit, mint melt and rum & raisin just to name a few. Made in Devonport, right here in Auckland, Devonport Chocolates use the freshest ingredients and quality chocolate to bring you an exciting contemporary range of chocolate treats.

Spring is a great season to be outdoors and appreciate nature. It’s also a superb season for New Zealand flowers and a great season for gifting. We’ll help you pick that perfect bouquet or gift to make that special someone’s day this spring. Until then, remember to always live life in full bloom no matter what the season is. We hope spring leaves you brimming with good vibes.

Get in touch with us at Wild Poppies for all your spring flower needs, either online, or call us on 0800 809 453. 

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