When it comes to flowers, everyone around the world has a budding romance with them. Some people use flowers as accessories, some use flowers as decoration and some use flowers to express themselves. There are many flower trends existing around the world right now that we love at Wild Poppies, so we thought we’d share some of our favourite ones.

Sproutheads | China

A flower trend popular in China over the last few years has been floral headpieces. These headpieces are small plastic flowers or sprouts that look like they’re growing from the top of a person’s head. The people wearing this trend started getting known as “Sproutheads”. 

It’s a flower trend that women, men and children have grown to embrace and love. They can all be seen wearing plastic bean sprouts or flowers clipped to their hair. The plastic arrangements aren’t limited to this, they also include sprouts in the shapes of vegetables, fruits, and flowers. The flower designs range from lavender, clovers to chrysanthemums. Sproutheads don’t need an occasion to wear this, they rock this trend in everyday life. This’ll be one to try with your children, nieces and nephews or even wear it out on the weekend.

Image from Boredpanda.

Floral Afros | UK

You’ve heard of flower crowns but what about floral afros? This trend says it all in the name, and is very popular in the UK right now. For those who have big hair, this is their answer to the flower crown. It involves wearing flowers in hair as opposed to on hair. 

Anything from daffodils to daisies to roses can be used for this flower trend. All you need to do is buy flowers, cut them, and place them directly into the Afro. This means no more using that flower filter on Snapchat when you can do it for real. Plus for those who have afros, they don’t have to worry about the flowers falling off or out, they’re secured in their beautiful hair.

Floral eye make-up | Europe

This flower trend may end up growing on you. In Europe, many people have added another addition to their eye make-up routine. Using actual flowers and petals, they glue these flowers around their eyes. 

Combined with colourful eye liner and eye shadow colours, the results of this flower trend are un-be-leaf-able. You can use as many flowers and colours as you like to express your mood and personality, even add glitter! The more the better.

Floral jewellery | India

India is known for extravagant jewellery especially when it comes to weddings. But another thing trending in Indian weddings at the moment is floral jewellery. Even though flowers have always been a part of Indian wedding tradition, they’ve become popular beyond just being used as part of decoration. Now they’re used as part of jewellery too. For example, a Maangtika is used as a jewellery item for your forehead. The bigger the flower you use the better it’ll look. 

This floral jewellery is also trending in bridal jewellery for example as a hand harness. Strings of Jasmine buds are used to connect to coloured rings to add that extra special touch. For the neck, a neck piece can be created using buds and small flowers, layers can be added with coloured flowers too. To complete the look, floral earrings can be used for jewellery too.

Image from Pristinefire.

Floral prints | Europe

Spring is approaching which means one thing. Floral prints! This is a flower trend that can be seen throughout European culture. A floral dress is perfect for any occasion, whether you’re going on a date, out for brunch or to the beach. 

Floral prints are something you can never have too much of. You can dress it up with heels and a fancy bag or stay comfortable with a leather jacket and sneakers. Whatever you decide, it’s always trending and gives off fun and flirty vibes. To go one step further, printed floral pants are also another must have item in the floral department for spring. Business at the top, party at the bottom. Just the way we like it.

Flower walls | Worldwide

No matter what event you’re at these days, you’re bound to see a flower wall there. This flower trend is here to stay, and we’re not mad about it. No event or occasion is complete without it. It acts as a beautiful addition to any event whether it be a birthday party, baby shower or wedding. It’s the perfect background to get all the best photos for the ‘gram. Flower walls can use fresh flowers, silk flowers or even paper flowers. Some even have cool text on them written in flower colours such as “Congratulations” or “Happy Birthday”, depending on the event and occasion.

Upcycled flower holders | New Zealand

In New Zealand, a recent flower trend has been reusing objects around the house to bring the garden inside. For example, repurposing objects such as shoes, ovens and teapots as vases and planters. 

Many random objects have been used to grow plants and vegetables, and hold flowers. This a great way to use items around the house for something practical and function instead of getting rid of them, and a great way to reduce waste.

Flower Crowns | USA

This list wouldn’t be complete without mentioning the flower trend of flower crowns. Most of us saw this trend take off at Coachella with celebrities such as Vanessa Hudgens rocking it during Coachella weekend. Soon, anyone and everyone was wearing it at every music festival ever. 

The flower crown still remains timeless and adds that extra factor to your outfit whatever the occasion. Now, it’s a popular item for bridal looks too. Everyone from the the bride and bridesmaids, to the flower girl, are getting on the trend.

Everyone around the world has their own flower trends they love. Turns out there’s no right or wrong way to wear or use flowers, you just have to get creative with it. If you want to try out any of these flower trends out for yourself, order your flowers online at WildPoppies or call us for a chat on 0800 809 453.

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